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Bunny is a 15.3 hand grey retired Thoroughbred race horse. Her registered name is Fracas, meaning "little disturbance", but she was born on Easter Sunday earning her the nickname Bunny. Despite her name and being a granddaughter of the Great Secretariat, Bunny was not a  successful racehorse, possessing no competitive instinct, instead  an "I'll meet you there personality". This is why Bunny is one of our most trusted teaching horses. Unfortunately Bunny fractured her leg on the track, but her previous owners thought so much of her that a steel rod was placed in her leg to stableize the fracture in her leg. Bunny has a sweet, gentle personality and will take care of the most timid riders.


Born April 12, 1998

Sire: Chenin Blanc

Dam: Madame Machin


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