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Iberian Horses


The Lusitano originated in Portugal on the Iberian Peninsula near Spain. Historically bred for bull fighting and battle because of their extreme bravery, athleticism and ability to perform brilliantly under pressure make the Lusitano  the "Ultimate Sport Horse" of today. The Lusitano is a very ancient breed and possesses an extremely generous temperament and willing disposition. With an uphill balance and flexible body, the Lusitano has the natural ability for collection. Lusitano horses are admired world wide for highly successful careers in dressage, show jumping, carriage driving, reining as well as working cattle and ranch work. Their influence can be seen in many of the modern European horses such as the Lipizzaner and Friesian horses.

Our breeding program at Renaissance Farm is small and highly selective. Our mare and stallion combinations are carefully chosen for confirmation, movement, temperament and color.

For more information on Iberian Horses visit the  International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association   and Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club  and  Baroque Farms USA 


RF Espendoso


Esperanza Subida

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