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Flashy Rose


Rose is an 18.1 hand Belgian Mare and the newest member of our vaulting team. Rose has a back like a mattress and the sweetest personality. One of our tinest vaulters told us she never wanted to get off Rose because she was her " Graceful Floating Bed". Rose has progressed nicely in her training and made her debut at our 2014 spring open house where we had a guess her weight contest. Rose weighs 2,112 pounds! Rose carried the team for a walk team freestyle and  canter doubles. We can't wait to take her to a competition this year. Everyone who comes to the farm has to meet Rose and take a picture with her. She is a main attraction. Rose loves the attention and we love Rose!!!!


Born: March 31, 2004

Sire: Jayson

Dam: O'Brien's Flashy Flora



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