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Zeus, a Clydesdale colt, was born prematurely, the only surviving twin and rejected by his mother. We adopted Zeus at just a few days old and bottle fed him every 3 to 4 hours around the clock for 4 months. It was touch and go for the first month when Zeus got pneumonia, but he fought hard. When we first picked him up, and yes we did pick him up, he only weighed 45 pounds and was very unstable. Knowing he needed a companion, we got him Hermes, a four month old La Mancha goat and they became inseperatable. Zeus is thriving and healthier then ever. We hope to add this guy to our vaulting team in a few years, considering he is as close to bomb proof as you can get. Zeus is being started under saddle and progressing nicely. We can’t believe that this once little wobbly baby is now so big and strong and ready to be ridden. We look forward to posting new photos of him soon.

Born: August 17, 2011




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